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This cream is ideal for anyone looking to firm, revive and richly hydrate their facial skin. Collagen in the cream links cells that form tissue, making skin firmer and improving its overall condition.

Succinic acid stimulates each cell and effectively promotes the regeneration of the immune system, so it is especially effective at firming skin, giving it a healthy glow and making it noticeably smoother and more supple. The oils in the product soften and soothe. Skin is affected not only superficially, but also deeper down, which leads to visible results and long-term effects. The product has an especially pleasant texture, is easy to apply and is very easily absorbed. It is perfectly balanced for mature skin to maintain firmness and a youthful glow.


Direction for use:

In order to dissolve impurities and clean the face thoroughly, first wash with ODA Active Cleanser. Apply cream twice a day - morning and evening.