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The ODA Cleanser for Men is a daily cleanser, designed to deeply cleanse facial skin. The active ingredients in the product effectively stimulate the skin’s regeneration and increase its resistance to environmental stressors. The cleanser is also especially effective at treating acne-affected skin. It helps regulate sebum production, with any skin type. Thanks to the immediately noticeable results it brings, this cream will quickly become an integral part of any man’s morning routine.


Directions for use:

Use twice a day - morning and evening. Apply to dry skin and gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with water.

This Cleanser contains Glycolic acid, which can cause itching at the beginning of use, which usually passes after repetitive use, as directed. It is also recommended as a follow-up therapy after chemical peeling procedures, use the cleanser after 3-4 days.. Protect eyes and mouth area.