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Benefits: The human body naturally keeps its temperature through blood circulation. When the skin is heated it stimulates blood circulation to other areas to restore the correct temperature and maintain warmth in the entire body. Increased circulation improves oxygen supply to contracted muscle groups and from the particular synergy of the natural active ingredients contained, of pains such as back, neck and shoulder pain due to muscular tension. It also acts positively on the joints, relieving symptoms in the hand, wrist, knee, elbow and other joints. Also designed to prepare the muscles for Sports Performance, the gel is particularly cold or when there is a cooling joint soreness.

A unique association of ultra-performing assets, synergy of the best of science and nature: Capsaicin, CBD 500mg, Marine Oak, Ivy Extract, Arnica, Horse Chesnut, Nicotinic Acid

Usage directions
When muscle stiffness or joint pain is present. Generates an intense and pleasant sensation of warmth that relaxes the contracted the painful sensation in the event of stress, cold or sudden movements. For athletes it is a valuable aid to warm up the muscles before sports, and is generally, a valuable ally to maintain the functionality of the joints. Apply to the skin several times a day. It causes an intense sensation of heat, which on delicate skin can cause a mild redness, which disappears in 20-30 minutes.